Sensitivity to world issues and manpower requirements is vital to UNISTAFF’s vision of maintaining “World Class” status. The special skills of the specialists serving each of our markets are the key to our ability to adapt to market changes. We continuously modify the specifics of implementing our vision and mission goals to maintain the detailed and personalized services our standards demand.

We attend to even the smallest of details to make sure our applicants are properly informed of their application status at every step of the way. Our recently inaugurated Online Applicant Tracking System permits all applicants to stay fully informed of their path toward rewarding employment in any part of the world.

By using our on-line tracking system as an administrative tool we assure efficiency to enable us to deliver on a timely basis. Our timetable was laid out to provide the momentum to guide and accelerate the company to continuous modernization and upgrading. This constant modernization of communications allows us to compete at the centre of commercialization while maintaining personalized services at the forefront.

Employers can be assured that UNISTAFF only deploys healthy and mentally sound workers. Each candidate undergoes a rigid medical examination in a government accredited and bonded medical clinic.

It is our goal that our applicants depart for their new assignments as prepared as we can make them. The pre-departure briefing provided to your new employees just prior to deployment was developed to:



We take steps intended to enable the OFWs we deploy to be self-motivated and to continuously acquire additional skills for their own self-development. We want the workers we deploy to actively expand their own visions and appreciation of a variety of values.

We do not consider our job to be done when our applicant departs the Philippines to become an OFW. We continue to provide extensive advisory services to our Clients on topics such as updated government policies which might affect their projects. If such a change requires an action here in the Philippines , we will provide any necessary assistance. In the unlikely event that there is a need to respond to any dispute as respondents in Labour courts, we will provide that service as part of our continuing relationship.

We assure our Clients of the stability of the company with respect to financial standing for which our depository banks can fully attest to our high credit standing.

Finally our clients can be assured that UNISTAFF always ensures that all fees charged to Clients and to applicants are legitimate and authorized fees for services rendered.

In a similar vein, UNISTAFF is committed to only dealing with companies and institutions of good reputation and with distinctive programs to assure the well being of workers we deploy. expects the Client representatives with whom we interact to be actively pursuing their own corporate objectives.

Above all, we are consistently committed to meeting ever more rigorous world-class standards. We insist that, the needs of our fellow human beings in their pursuit of better lives for themselves and their families are served. Meeting all of our Clients’ explicit requirements to the fullest extent possible would only fill half our mission. The other half lies in enabling our countrymen find fulfilment in overseas employment.