Mara Aura Abrahan

Mara Aura Abrahan


Working away from my country, lest far from my family is never easy, from the things I have to do on my own and decide by myself to simple backaches and stomach pains. But instead of these afflictions making me weak, they in fact make me stronger. I came and worked here for a reason. To do my job and fulfill it as best I can make it all worth the pain and homesickness.

Working abroad has given me and my family a lot of opportunities and achievements and I get to provide them all they need, that alone has been the greatest gift working abroad has given me. Mainly the reason as well.

The Unistaff personnel have been good and very accommodating to us applicants from start until we finish our requirements. They have been doing an excellent job in assisting us from every bit of our concerns. It was much of an effort fixing those papers and completing them, and Unistaff has been guiding us all throughout. Tough job but still they manage us well. We owe it most to them.

I never knew Qatar would bring me a home away from home. I thought it will be tough living in Arab country, well it is, but the whole stay is so far manageable and the place is providing us much of the things we needed.

Being a part of Hamad Corporation is such a privilege and I am honored. They have been reassuring our comfort and convenience from the services they provide us. A good accommodation, working with competitive colleagues, benefits and the like. I believe there has never been an easy job, but it is the comfort that we receive and to be working with the best is such an advantage for us.

Glenn M. Gregorio

Glenn M. Gregorio

Clinical Instructor

Hello, my name is Glenn Gregorio. And without the Universal Staffing Services agency, I would not have been to accomplish the numerous unparalleled experiences life had to offer.

After passing the interview stage, I was selected as one of the two international employees recruited by a prestigious hospital in the United States. 2017 marked my twelfth year working as a Radiologic Technologist and also as a Clinical Instructor. Recently, with disbelief and bliss, I was awarded the Spotlight Award. Also, in the end of 2016, my family were granted the green card.

This were only some of the achievements the Unistaff agency have provided my family and myself; we are invariably grateful for the opportunities we couldn't have dreamt or even imagined if it was not for the personnel in Universal Staffing Services.

Archie Caringal

Archie Caringal

Occupational Therapist

Hi, I'm Archie Caringal an Occupational therapist by profession and a photographer, cook, baker and an animal lover by passion. I used to work in a government hospital in Quezon City way back 2001. The pay was good for a bachelor like me but planning for a family? I don’t think so.

Working abroad was not in my DNA or in my dreams. It was a decision made out of need and being righteous. I OWE MY PARENTS MONEY! (Although they don’t ask me for payment) Hahaha. That thought drove me to apply for a job overseas.

Landing a job here in Qatar really paid off. Why you may ask? First of, 6 months after I reached here and my father required a by-pass surgery and by grace of God and a bank loan (Hahaha) I was able to pay for the whole surgery.

I told myself that in 2 years after I paid my debt and my loan I’d be out of here! 13 years later I’m still here and enjoying life. I brought my wife here in Qatar and she fortunately landed a job in one of the banks here, from then on our lives got better and better. We have 1 daughter and she is studying here and loving the life here. Was able to invest, travel and secure our future and is planning for an early retirement.

For all you guys who are considering working abroad, DO IT NOW! Seize the moment! Grab the opportunity and start young. Don’t fall in to the pitfalls (of overspending). Invest (properly). Save (But don’t be stingy). Buy experiences not material things. And lastly LISTEN! Listen to those who experienced it before you. Everything you learned from books will be worthless without experience.